Let’s educate aginst the superstion of religon!

We gnu atheists cannot forbear that so many just fallfor the supernatural. We think it is our duty to help others overcome the supernatural. Unfortunately, some atheists go for the paranormal.

  I call myself a naturalist, a rationalist and [full] skeptic, as well as gnu atheist, to objurgate the paranormal those atheists accept. And my overall view.

   Ti’s nonsensical to maintain that we gnus are strident when we just point out how ridiculous arguments and apologetics for Him. We find that most others can overcome this superstition once they fathom our arguments. How many really ever even hear them from us? Many theists have straw men versions of us and atheism.

    Apologists engage in their apologetics just as much as we in our atheology, I daresay. So, their mirth that we engage in objecting to a non-entity. Twaddle. Again, we find religion wrong and thus we want to  educate others why just as teachers want to educate students about their subjects.

  Instead of bemoaning our efforts, theists and even some atheists should show where our arguments err.

   We use intellectual arguments, not force to get others to reconsider their beliefs.  We are no more strident than most politicians and educators.

   We find that others can find that more abundant life as atheists. We contemn that little people attitude that the poor  publics just couldn’t get over their superstition.

   What approach do you have as a non-theist?


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